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Mayor Bowser Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Hurricane Florence

Please see the following important message from the District of Columbia's AlertDC system:

As the District prepares for Hurricane Florence, Mayor Muriel Bowser has declared a state of emergency, effective immediately. The declaration of public emergency will stay in effect for 15 days.

Mayor Bowser advises that District residents and visitors should:

  • Encourage family and friends in the storm’s path to listen to officials and have a plan on how you will communicate once the storm passes.

  • Replenish your emergency supply kit, especially if you have dietary or medical needs. For a list of items you need, visit

  • If you have access and/or functional needs, take steps to prepare in advance, including informing your support network of your emergency supplies and planning for your critical needs, such as transportation, power, and communications.

  • Monitor local radio or TV stations for updated emergency information.

  • Clean out your home’s gutters and empty out your rain barrels.

  • Contact DC Water at (202) 612-3400 to report any clogged sewer basins and clean out any trash or litter around sewer basins.

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