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Hurricane Florence Construction Safeguard Notice

Please see the following important message from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs:

With the impending heavy rains and high winds from Hurricane Florence, DCRA reminds its stakeholders to safeguard their premises, particularly active construction sites, to prevent water and/or structural damage from flooding and wind gusts. Here are a few key safeguarding measures that warrant attention:

  1. Site condition survey. With a storm possibly bringing heavy rain and wind this week, it is imperative to start making site or building assessments for necessary preparedness immediately. Keep in mind, you want to protect your property as well as adjoining and surrounding property.

  2. Debris. All loose materials throughout the site or building should be removed or tied down, whether stored on the roof or on the ground. Construction material and debris can become dangerous projectiles during high wind conditions.

  3. Soil & erosion control. Silt fences should be checked and maintained to ensure their ability to adequately protect from water and soil runoff.

  4. Fencing. Construction fences should be made structurally stable and secure to prevent damage from collapse as well as access on to the site.

  5. Shoring. Construction shoring should be made stable and anchored properly at ground and attached building.

  6. Underpinning and party wall protection is very essential with rains causing excessive moisture to the supporting soils. Due to partial collapses involving underpinning following heavy rains, DCRA is reinforcing the importance of protecting exposed underpinning and party wall (construction and demolition) so as to make waterproof per DCMR 12A 3307.

  7. Tower Crane Weathervaning. All General Contractors and Crane Operators are reminded to take all necessary precautions with respect to tower cranes in strict accordance with OSHA and manufacturer's specifications. During the storm, active cranes shall be in weathervane mode to minimize risk of damage due to high winds.

  8. Building permit protection. Building permits, which are required to be posted per DCMR 12 A 105.1.9, must be protected to prevent being blown away or damaged from water, even if it means moving them into the job trailer.

  9. Emergency repairs. In the event of storm damage to a building or system, a provision can be made to allow an owner to perform work deemed emergency in nature prior to permitting in accordance with DCMR 12A 105.1.8 Emergency Work. When necessary to make emergency repairs or replacements to buildings, other structures or systems, an application for a permit to cover all emergency work shall be submitted no later than the first business day following the performance of such emergency work.

Any site discovered to be performing unsafe work during the storm or have unsafe aforementioned conditions, shall be subject to a possible stop work order and/or notice of violation. If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Chief Building Official for Inspections, Garrett Whitescarver, at (202) 481-3536.

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